Inclement Weather Policy for Spectators

Observe the leader boards on the golf course for Weather Warning signs (symbol above) that will appear if the PGA becomes aware of inclement weather moving into the area.  When the sign appears, spectators are advised to take precautions and seek shelter PRIOR to play being suspended.  If the siren sounds, put down your umbrella and seek shelter immediately.

Avoid the following:


Golf Carts                                            Telephone Poles         

Bodies of Water                                  Tall or Isolated Trees

Open Fields                                        Metal /Wire Fences

Wearing Metal-Spiked Shoes             Hilltops/High Places 

Assumption of Risk:  Spectator assumes all risk of personal injury or property damage and all risk and danger incidental to the game of golf, inclusive of but not limited to the risk of being struck by misdirected golf shots, and releases The PGA of America, PGA Tournament Corporation, Inc., Belfair, Golf Channel, participating players and respective officers, directors, employees, agents, members, sponsors and affiliates from any and all liabilities from any such cause.

Mobile Devices:  Mobile devices must be set to "silent" or "vibrate" while at the Championship, with camera flash turned off.  Digital messaging and checking data is allowed on the golf course (away from the competition).  Text, email, social posting and other data use is allowed on course. Live scoring for all rounds of the PGA Professional Championship can be accessed at www.PGA.org/scoring