Carl Lohren

Master PGA Teaching Professional

photo of Carl Lohren

Phone: 843.757.0726

Carl is a Master P.G.A. professional. He has been a P.G.A. member for 45 years. He has written two books: “One Move to Better Golf” and “Getting Set for Golf”. He also has produced several instructional videos. In his 50 years as a teaching professional, he has attained an array of stellar accomplishments for both playing and teaching. Carl played on both the Senior and regular P.G.A. Tours; Played in nine U.S. Opens; Won the New York State P.G.A. Championship, Won the Long Island P.G.A. Championship, Won the Met Sr. Open Championship, Won the National Sr. Open Championship, Winner of the Horton Smith Award, Metropolitan P.G.A. Teacher of the Year, Metropolitan P.G.A. Hall of Fame, Top 25 Teacher of the Century, Top 50 Golf Instructors of Golf Magazine, Top 100 Golf Instructors of Golf Magazine for 15 years, On Golf Channel; and has done many P.G.A. workshops & seminars around the country including the Tennessee Section.

The philosophy behind Carl Lohren’s One Move to Better Golf is to fix the flaw in your swing “BEFORE” you ever start your swing. Ninety percent of the problems can be corrected in how someone sets up to the golf ball. The other ten percent is how one starts the golf swing. The information behind Carl’s One Move to Better Golf is founded through 30 years of studying the greatest players in the world when they were at the top of their game: Hogan, Snead, Nicklaus, Trevino & Palmer, to name a few.