Belfair 1811 Charitable Fund

The Belfair 1811 Charitable Fund embraces the pride, passion and commitment of Belfair members to impact the lives of those people in need in the greater Bluffton, South Carolina area.

The fund will be supported through events at the club, as well as alternate giving opportunities available through this website.

It is the intent of the foundation to raise funds on an annual basis, and then disperse all funds through a grant system once a year.

What is the Belfair 1811 Charitable Fund (BCF)?
It is a charitable fund, sanctioned by the Belfair Board of Directors, managed and administered by the Community Foundation of the Low Country (CFL), and designed to distribute funds to charitable organizations in Beaufort County. The CFL is a public 501c3 organization that has been in business for 24 years, manages over $70 million in assets and administers over 275 local charitable funds.

What is the Mission Statement?
The fund’s mission is “To embrace the pride, passion and commitment of the Belfair members to impact the lives of those people in need in the greater Bluffton, South Carolina area.”

What does the Fund do?
The fund raises money and provides grants to qualifying local nonprofit organizations. Grant applications are solicited from October through December 31 and final grants are awarded in April of each year by the CFL based upon recommendations of the BCF grants committee.

Why was the Fund established?
Members of Belfair wanted to provide support to some of the more than 350 charitable organizations in Beaufort County. The Fund provides an opportunity to
assist Belfair members who wish to “Give where you live.”

How does the Fund work?
The Belfair 1811 Charitable Fund sponsors a series of events which offer Belfair members the opportunity to participate in activities that raise funds. The signature event is the Golf Tournament and Auction held each September. The BCF accepts donations from Belfair members throughout the year and during the Annual Giving Campaign each December.

What has the Fund accomplished so far?
The Belfair Charitable Fund has distributed more than $140,000 in grants in its first two years. Grants have been awarded to more than 20 nonprofit organizations in the greater Bluffton area. All organizations and grants address Basic Human Needs. The Fund does not award grants for administrative salaries or overhead expenses.
How may I support the fund?
There are several ways to support the Fund:
Make a one time or recurring donation on your monthly statement by calling the accounting office.

  1. Make a credit card donation by going to
  2. Participate in the Year End Giving Program.
  3. Attend BCF Fundraising Events.
  4. Enroll in the Kroger Rewards Program.

For more information on how you can make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate, please contact Grant Committee Chairperson Karen Wessel at


Grant Application

If your organization is a registered 501c3 and would like to apply for a grant from the Belfair 1811 Charitable Fund please Click Here (download file and complete form).